Edu-mining Tools

This pages offers tools for mining knowledge from educational data. The tools are based on a technique called edu-mining. Follow the links bellow for more information of each tool. Terms and conditions

Keywords: education, learning and teaching, data mining, text mining, natural language processing

1. Nee --- tool for extracting native/non-native speakers of English like patterns from English text

This tool extracts characteristic patterns from texts written by native and non-native speakers of English.

2. N3 --- tool for distinguishing between texts written by native and non-native speakers of English

This tool predicts whether the input text is written by a native or non-native speaker of English.

3. jNee --- tool for extracting interesting pattern from Japanese text

This tool extracts interesting patterns form two sets of texts. It can be applied to questionnaires that are written by two groups of people or are obtained before and after some event to reveal the differences between the two.

Contact Information
Konan University, Japan
Ryo Nagata

Edu-mining project
nagata-edumining at hyogo-u ac jp